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Bow Hunting Adventures

Heart-Bar® Hunting Services offers self-guided bow hunts year-round in Medina County, Texas at Los Amigos Ranch. Located approximately 45 minutes southwest of San Antonio, this family-owned 2,500-acre ranch provides the bow hunting enthusiast a wonderful opportunity to experience some of the finest hunting in the area for whitetail deer, turkeys and hogs.

The ranch features native and improved grasses, lots of mesquite trees and mixed brush. With three different pastures to choose from, the hunter can set up their own blind or tripod to scope out their prey. Gravel roads traverse the ranch and are corned daily. A walk-in cooler is available and there are no trophy fees!


Bow Hunts in Medina County

Whitetail Buck
(Limited Bookings Available!)
$165 per day1 Legal* Whitetail Buck per visit
Plus 2 hogs per day
Whitetail Doe$125 per day1 Whitetail Doe per visit
Plus 2 hogs per day
Turkey$150 per day1 Gobbler per visit
Plus 2 hogs per day
Wild Hog (Year-Round)$100 per dayLimit of 5 Hogs per day

Legal* Whitetail Buck

Heart-Bar® Hunting Services defines a “legal” buck deer as having at least 7 measurable points and an inside spread of at least 14 inches.


Non-Hunters are welcome for a fee of $25 per day.

All hunts are a minimum of two days!