Rifle Hunting Adventures

If you’re serious about bagging a great buck, Heart-Bar® Hunting Services offers fully-guided rifle hunts at beautiful Rancho Paisano in Zavala County, Texas.

 Located approximately one and a half hours southwest of San Antonio, and with over 16,000 acres to browse the deer on Rancho Paisano benefit from exposure to native and improved grasses, mesquite trees, mixed brush and several tanks. The terrain features sloping hillsides with abundant brush cover, afford the hunter an ideal atmosphere for hunting whitetail deer.  Sharing the countryside are exotic axis, black bucks, and more common wildlife such as hogs, turkeys, and native birds.

The ranch operates in conjunction with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Managed Lands Deer Permit program in order to preserve the integrity of the land and maintain a strong and healthy wildlife population. As such, a limited number of fully-guided rifle hunts are available at this location, so make sure to book early.



Click the button to the right to contact us or call Ranch Manager, Keith Solbrig at 210-827-7174 for more details and information.

Management Bucks

A Management Whitetail Buck is a Main Frame 8pt up to 140 B&C Gross.