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Spring Turkey Shotgun Hunts

Test your skills with a spring turkey shotgun hunt at Los Amigos Ranch!  Use your calling techniques to lure them from their roosts or find them roaming through the mixture of native grasses, forbs, and trees found on the ranch.  Whatever method you decide to use, enjoy the hunt!

The ranch features native and improved grasses, lots of mesquite trees, and mixed brush.  With three different pastures to choose from the hunter can set up their own blind or tripod to scope out their prey.  Gravel roads traverse the ranch and are corned daily. A walk-in cooler is available and there are no trophy fees!


Spring Turkey Shotgun Hunts


$225 per day


1 Gobbler per visit

Additional Gobblers

$350 each

Non-Hunters will be charged $25 per day
ALL hunts are a minimum of two days.